Static Website

Static Website

A static website is also known as a stationary website where the web pages are delivered to the web browser of the user as same as it is stored. It is not like the dynamic web pages which are created with the help of a web application.

The pages of a static website have fixed content coded in HTML and after that stored on the webserver for the users. There are no changes in the pages for any user or it can be said that it remains static for every viewer who uses that website.

There is no requirement of web programming or database designing for a static website and it is one of the most basic forms of various other types of websites. They are easy to create and the best solutions for small websites and brands. If you have a big website and huge content then maintaining static pages on a large amount can be a little difficult and time-consuming. For such websites where there are hundreds of pages and huge content then it is good to have dynamic website.

If you are looking to build a static website for your brand then we at Saksham Design can help you to get it done with our experts who are highly skilled and trained in their work. We are the best digital marketing company in Meerut where we help our clients achieve their goals by developing affordable and effective static websites.

What are the advantages of a static website?

When you have a static website you have the following benefits:

  • As the static website has fixed content that does not require changes there is less possibility of having security threats and your website is safe without making many efforts.
  • Also the users get quick responses as when someone is trying to access the website there is no communication conducted between the website and the database. And because of this, the websites load quickly.
  • There is low or it can also be said no maintenance for static website. Once the content is uploaded on a website then it requires not many changes over a long-run
  • Static websites are feasible for all types of traffic that is low or high user flow into your website.
  • At a very affordable cost you get your static website design and you can provide your customers with the required information.

As a digital marketing company in Delhi, we have helped many small businesses to get the best static website designed for their website. They get to help their customer in many different ways and it gave them a big help to develop their business.

What are the uses of the static website?

There are some websites that require one-time setup and for that, they need a static website. Let us check some of its common applications:

For blogs:- As we know the blogs are specially built on a specific theme and the different posts are placed individually under the precise topics and they have an allocated space in the required web pages. This action can be done simply by typing in the HTML page description or through the copy and paste method. The bags are mainly written on static webpages as they don’t change and remains the same for every user.

Marketing & The Sales:- There should be more flexibility and safe content management for marketing and sales website and nothing can be better than static web pages. In just one time post the developer can add the vision, mission, and the organization's history. The content can be easily uploaded or changed as required by the developer.

For website under the making process:- The static websites can be updated without getting their existing functionality disturbed at any cost thus they are the best option for version control processes. And for the websites which are still in the making process choosing static web development is the best option.

Why choose us

As you know there are so many benefits of a static website and to gain its benefits you need to have the professionals. We as a successful website designing company in Meerut can help you with our experts to get you a static website designed at its best. We always try to have clear communication with our clients and aid in achieving your business goals.

We are the right option for you to build static web pages so don’t think much and get your website designed today!

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